Veterinary Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine that may be used to treat acute or chronic disease. Classical homeopathy is a  great way to truly restore health on the deepest level. Gentle, effective and easy to use!

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic pet nutrition uses natural foods to balance the body. Various foods are added to the diet to achieve harmony. Diet changes can be used to:

  • Strengthen digestion
  • Normalize weight and metabolism
  • Decrease inflammation

Tabitha Thompson DVM

Practice limited to veterinary homeopathy and natural nutrition.

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Holistic Pet Care Blog

What Is Homeopathy?

If someone asked me, “What is veterinary medicine?” I’d have a hard time answering that in one sentence, too! Veterinary medicine involves treating illness in dogs and cats. So does homeopathy.


5 Simple Steps to Cure Yeast Infections in Dogs

The true cause of yeast infections in dogs is largely unknown. Inhalant allergies and food sensitivity are often implicated, but blaming “allergies” still doesn’t tell us why the whole process starts. Why do dog’s bodies react to a normal skin inhabitant with this troubling set of symptoms?


7 Sneaky Foods NOT OK to Feed Your Cat

You can find many lists on the internet that list foods that are toxic to your cat. Instead, I want to point out some foods that you probably believe are just fine but are really detrimental to your cat’s long-term health.


Food Allergy Fallacy

Food allergies in dogs and cats have become the focus of both pet lovers and pet food manufacturers over the last couple of decades. Marketing pressure from food manufacturers has probably inflated the public’s idea that food is the biggest culprit of disease in their pets. Food should not be feared and avoided!